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Vallie Verola Fletcher Home going Celebration Service

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Vallie Verola Fletcher Home going Celebration Service

Vallie Verola Fletcher, the fourth of seven children along with her late twin sister Veronica Walcott, was born on December 9, 1945 in a small town called Cushe Trace Biche in Trinidad and Tobago to Carlton Barker and Dorothy Walcott.  As a little girl, she attended Biche Elementary school for a short time before her parents moved to San Juan, to be closer to the Capital – Port of Spain.  She attended the San Juan Girls Government Primary School and continued with her education at Saint Andrews High School. As a child, she was the smallest of her siblings so everyone called her "Tiny."  Being tiny in stature, she was always picked on but quickly learned to fight to defend herself.  No one was a match for her for she fought fiercely and soon became her brothers and sisters protector. Verola at a very early age gave her heart to the Lord and later on met Luke Henson Fletcher.  It wasn’t long after that she said “Yes” to him and “Yes to the Dress.”  They were married on July 29, 1973 and through this union, nine children (two deceased) were born. 
Verola worked very hard to support her family as a security guard (logical choice due to her “fighting” prowess,) mid-wife, and nanny.  After a few years, she migrated to The United States – Brooklyn where she made lots of friends and started her journey on spreading the gospel wherever she went. Verola was invited to the Brooklyn Tabernacle by her granddaughter in 1998 and stated that she had found her church and became a member in 2000.
She decided to further her education by taking classes at the Brooklyn Tabernacle Downtown Learning Center. Also, she enjoyed singing, serving, being around her peers, and was always very excited to be at church praising God.  Her children would sometimes tell her, “Ma" stay home a day and rest.  She would always reply “when I get to heaven I will rest.” Verola loved to see her children serving and talking about the goodness of God.  Many times, they would sit with her while she was eating her favorite fruit ,“Mango”, and hear about stories of her childhood.  She had a great sense of humor and would laugh at almost anything.  However, when her kids did laugh at everything she said, she would stop them and say "You children should not laugh at serious things, stop it.”

When we learned that Mummy was ill, we stood with her believing that God would heal her completely.  In the end, we accepted His “sovereign” will. She now has no more pain, and we know beyond a shadow of doubt, that she is singing and dancing with her beloved Savior.  During her last moments, we were in the room with her praising, singing, and rejoicing because we knew that our mother was going to meet her Lord.  We love her and miss her dearly, but she is happy and because of that we are comforted. God’s promise is that we will see her again if we continue to love, trust, and believe in Him. There is a new name written down in Glory and it’s Verola Fletcher; let’s praise His name forever!

On May 28, 2017 Vallie Verola Fletcher was called to eternal rest. She leaves to celebrate her life and legacy - her sons Ajala, Earl, and David; her daughters Earlene, Hazel, Sandra, and Cherise; her son-in-law Wayne Benoi; Pedro Lezama; daughter-in law Patricia Sutherland;  Donna Salandy; Zell Williams; Luke Henson Fletcher; her 22 grandchildren and still counting; 25 great grandchildren; her sisters - Ellen and Anita; brothers - Wilfred and Stanly; her 18 nieces and 11 nephews; and untold number of friends and associates; and her Brooklyn Tabernacle family.
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