Although AJAMU is recognized mostly for Calypso/Soca, he's equally at home in the Reggae genre. With the release of his first reggae CD "Jah Is My King", audiences got a taste of just how versatile he is. This was followed in 2005 by the long awaited release of “Living Water.” He is recognized by Reggae artistes around the world and has shared the stage with many of them. Whether it's Reggae or Calypso, the unifying links of his two musical personas are good music and uplifting themes.
AJAMU holds the unprecedented title as the seven-time Grenada Calypso Monarch, winning in the 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, and 2004. In 1997, he  won the coveted “Male Vocalist of the Year” title at the impressive “Sunshine Awards” held in New York; beating out other calypso stars like David Rudder of Trinidad & Tobago and Edwin Yearwood of Barbados. His musical efforts have been recognized by the international music community as he has been featured regularly in the “Bible of the Music Industry” – Billboard Magazine. For his services to the Calypso art form, AJAMU became a member of an elite group of three calypsonians honored by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, with the prestigious title “Member of The British Empire” (MBE) in December of 1998.

Indeed, AJAMU’s music reflects the variety of spices and musical art forms prevalent in Grenada and the Caribbean.

Hollice "Mr.Killa" Mapp
Crowd-pulling musical versatility” is the phrase that best describes this young song-writing, rhythm-building, energetic-performing-from-start-to-end, amazing Caribbean artiste, who the world knows as “Mr. Killa”. Blessed with a fantastic voice and the ability to suitably alter the range and tone for many genres of music, he has also developed and mastered jaw-dropping trademark stage theatrics that mesmerizes his audience. His unique bounce and ability to whine while standing on his hands and the “Animal Dance” is a "must-sees".


I'm Loxton Mitchell. I grew up in a small area in St. Andrews, pearls to be exact,  I start playing music at age 17 but got serious playing  the base guitar at around age 23. Back then, I was not singing as much even though I  played  acoustically. Nevertheless, singing  became a clear indication to My musical career three years ago.
My goal is to spread the gospel through positive music so persons can "actually"  make changes, think positive and in the end even our children can think or do the same.

A unique sound emerged, having a rhythmic core, jazz chord progressions, rock solos, and lyrical melody lines added through classical guitar, and presently, the violin. Although the music has a tropical ‘feel’ the  musicians produce high quality lyrical melodies with appropriate harmonies.  Hence, with an energetic core ‘The Fire’, the band produce an energetic but ‘Quiet’ melodic temperament.  The name “QUIET FIRE” emerged.

Instead, we try to be a well-rounded community organization where all aspects of positive education can be sought after. The band spends useful hours educating youths about drugs, alcohol and AIDS, since the band comprises of mainly young people ranging from age five (5) and up to their early twenties.The growth and maturity of the steel orchestra has been steady. The band moved from sixteen players (16) and a borrowed canopy in 1996, to a projected eighty-five (85) players and a fully canopied band in just three years. This was due to the dedication of the River Road Community and the unwavering support of Coca Cola who were the sponsors of the band up until 2006.
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